Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Pretzel Treats

I promise this will be the easiest holiday treat you ever make. I made them a few years ago and they were such a huge hit at Christmas I had to make them again this year! They are so easy, too. You can customize them (thanks to Hershey's) to whatever suits your taste.

I used only chocolate this time around but last year I made hugs and caramel kisses with these too and they work great. If you like dark chocolate I'm sure they would taste fantastic as well. Me? I'm not a big chocolate fan so I made all chocolate because if I made the hugs, I would have eaten them all and I really don't need all those sweets right now.

Holiday Pretzel Treats

1 bag small pretzels (rounds or squares)
1 small bag M&M's (I prefer holiday colors since they are Chrismas themed)
2 small bags Hershey Kisses, your choice

Heat oven to 170 degrees. Cover cookie sheet with pretzels and top with kisses. Place in oven for 4 minutes, if using chocolate kisses. If using hugs 3.5 minutes is enough time. Pull cookie sheet out of oven and place an M&M on the top of each kiss and press until the kiss melts flat. If it is still hard inside, it needs to go back into the oven for a few seconds longer (20-30 second intervals). Place an M&M in the middle of each kiss and allow pan to cool a bit and place in freezer or fridge to harden. Then you may put into a cookie tin or platter to serve!

Note: I usually do each pan about 3 minutes apart to give myself enough time to finish the previous pan.

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