About Me

Sometimes I don't know what people want to know about me. Everything? Or just a few things like hobbies: water sports, puzzles, cooking, and decorating our home. One "fun factoid" about myself is that when I was 18 years old, I was in a horrible car accident and broke my femur and ankle. I was in and out of rehab for 3 years from 3 different surgeries.

Well here are some more of the traditional things about me. I am a 27-year old Hoosier native (I live in Indiana). I just recently decided that I wanted to learn how to cook because eating out just costs too much now that I am married and on a little bit of a budget. I don't really like throwing money away .. but then again who does!? Donald Trump? Probably not even him!

Well I don't have any formal culinary training but I do experiment and have some of my own recipes under my belt that I do love. Thanks to my mom who is a wonderful chef I have learned a few things here and there!

I got married in September of 2009 and it was the most beautiful day ever, as you can see!! I love my husband Brad, son Camden, and our wonderful four-legged son Cato more than anything. Brad usually is 100% on board with my cooking endeavors so long as it involves meat or sweets. He isn't so fond of the vegetarian stuff, but I usually am.

May 2012 (10 months)

We just had our first child arrive this past summer in 2011 and absolutely couldn't live without him! He is the love of our lives!! Parenting is very hard, but we enjoy him so much and couldn't imagine our lives without him in it!

I have a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and currently work for a local hospital. I really love working in the hospital setting, but after graduation I took a job in the corporate field. I quit my well-paying, but going-nowhere job and went back to the hospital. Even though I took a huge pay cut, I really enjoy what I do; it's also less stressful. I cannot explain in words how excited I was to get away from that desk job for 9 hours+ a day. 

I also have my ACSM Health Fitness Specialist certification.