Below is my constantly growing collection of cook books. I have included some of my reviews of the recipes from the items I have made from them, too.

The American Woman's Cookbook

I haven't really made much from this cook book yet but the few things I have seemed more old-fashioned. The book was published in 1935 and was my grandmothers and has been passed down generations. I'm sure with experience I can figure out ways to simplify or 'healthify' the recipes. ;)


Easy Slow Cooker Cookbook

I have made several recipes from this book and I purposely bought it for two reasons: it was only $5.99 and most of the recipes are 7 ingredients or less. I flipped through the pages and it was recipes and ingredients that even as a rookie I knew what they were. The only down side is some of the recipes seem to have the same ingredients over and over with a different name to them. I would have liked a little more variety.


Biggest Book of 30 Minute Meals

I have made tons of things from this book and absolutely love all of them! Not one has been a so-so recipe. I get great ideas for new-age recipes (no old-fashioned stuff) and the best part is they are typically very quick. I like that because it doesn't give me an excuse to skip the gym later.


Essentials of Healthful Cooking

I have tried only a couple of recipes from this cook book because a lot of the ingredients are hard to find or things that I can barely pronounce. There is a nice section of "Small Plates" which would be perfect for just my husband and myself but the ingredient list is just as long as normal dishes. The few things I have made, though, have been completely and utterly delicious. They were completely worth the huge mess in the kitchen and the tremendous amount of time it took to make them.


New Cookbook, Bridal Edition

I have made a handful of recipes from this. I just recently received it from our wedding in September 2009. Some have been successful and some have just needed little tweaks here and there, but I made sure to note that on the recipe in the book. Only down side about this book (has nothing to do with the recipes) is that the page numbers do not correspond to the table of contents so I can't search for specific recipes if I want to. It's not just a few pages off it's a few HUNDRED pages off. It's quite annoying. As I make something, though, I do make sure to update the correct page number.


Sunrise Cookbook '09

I have to admit that I haven't yet made anything from this cook book. I only received it a few months ago for Christmas in 2009. I just don't take the time to make breakfast and this is 98% breakfast foods/dishes. I think if I had a pitch-in to go to then this would be great for that. There are some desserts too but I prefer other cook books (or blog's) for that.


Bon Appetit

This was a family cook book put together by a friend of my mother's. It was made to raise money for two little girls as their father (I beielive) had suddenly passed away and this was a wonderful gift. I have made a few recipes from here and love that they are family favorites and are tried and true. Not always the healthiest, but hey in moderation almost anything can be healthy!