Saturday, July 17, 2010

How to slice a whole pineapple

I was inspired by a friend recently to post this. A lot of people buy canned pineapple or just really don't want to take the time or energy to cut up a whole pineapple. I'm here to let everyone know that it does take more time than opening a can, but the taste and flavors are SO MUCH more worth it. It's only a few extra minutes anyways. Here is how to cut a pineapple the perfect way!

First, cut off the top while the pineapple is on its side.

Then, place the pineapple vertically (exposed side up) and slice right down the middle.

Next, chop off the bottoms of the two slices.

Then, cut the halves into quarters by cutting right down the middle.

Next, set each piece vertically again and cut an even slice down the pointed edge to cut off the hard, center.

Then, taking your knife begin to cut off the skin about halfway up the outside of the pineapple.

When you get close to the opposite edge, turn the knife so that it is cutting the pineapple skin off at a perpendicular manner (see picture below).

Then continue to cut down and around so that the skin is removed.

Remove and discard the skin.

Slice the pineapple to desired widths.

Place in an airtight/tupperware container and keep refridgerated.

Not so hard, right!? I often enjoy fresh pineapple for a mere $3.99 .. and if I am lucky enough I can find it for $2.99 but that is rare. My only suggestion would be to cut the pineapple within 24 hours of purchasing it because I have allowed some to sit on the counter thinking they would stay good if I didn't cut them. This is not true.

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