Monday, January 3, 2011

My Favorite Dishes from 2010

2010 was my first full year of food blogging! I had some ups and downs with experiments but I ultimately feel like I significantly improved my tehcniques and my knowledge base. I tried things I've never really had before (coleslaw) and actually loved it! Here are some of my favorite dishes that I think you shouldn't pass up.

This Strawberry Soup is just amazing! My husband doesn't seem to think cold soups are even remotely delicious but he is 100% wrong on this one. This is a great summer soup when the berries are fresh!

If you are one that hosts get-togethers or cookouts in the summer, this is one side dish you just can't pass up. As mentioned before, I have never really liked Coleslaw but after making this for my husband, I can never pass it up!

Desserts are usually hard to come up with in the summer time when you are grilling. We used to spend a lot of time prepping and planning on the grill, but then we would go out for dessert. No need to waste your money or effort. Just stay home and make these Baked Stuffed Peaches on the grill and relax! They are healthy for you and delicious. I can never just have one.

Remember those warm winter mornings when you just don't want to leave the house? Of course you do, because it's winter right now and colder than ever. These Chocolate Chip Scones will easily warm you up for the morning commute to work and is even a wonderful treat on the weekends. They are my husbands "breakfast cookies" as we call them now.

This is by far my absolute favorite of any dessert that I've made or even had out at a restaurant. White Chocolate Creme Brulee is the ultimate dessert for me. I would encourage everyone to make these desserts because you will not regret it later! It's got that perfectly creamy texture along with the delicious and sweet crunchy top.

The most original thing I've made this year was Whipped Pumpkin Dip. I have been asked for the recipe numerous times and had rave reviews about it. I cannot get enough of this dip! It's perfect for any dinner party or just to have around and take in your lunch to work. It goes perfect with Nilla Wafers, Apples, and Grapes.

I have an undying love for asian food (along with my husband). I used to like Panda Express until a friend of mine's husband got refused a job interview because of his weight. I'm so glad I have this Orange Chicken recipe now because it satisfies my every asian food craving! It even tastes better than the fast food chain food or even the most fancy of restaurants. Just don't forget the fortune cookie!

This is such a classy dessert that I don't even know how to start describing it. It's even better and less rich than normal key lime pie, but this Key Lime Chiffon Pie is absolutely a must-make! No need to bake it, just simply put the ingredients together and voila! Dessert! It's something everyone will enjoy and isn't too sweet or too tangy either.

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