Tuesday, March 30, 2010

All-In-One Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I am not a big fan of pulled pork. Recently, however my taste buds have been quite intrigued watching Man vs Food and seeing Adam eat all those pulled pork sandwiches! My husband said that Chicago has some of the best pulled pork places ever .. and therefore is inspiring us to make a weekend trip soon. Well based on a previous recipe I have made (oh please ignore the awful picture) and some new inspiration from the TV show, I have decided to make my own version of a one-sandwich meal that is sure to please any hungry husband. How did I come up with it? I just figured that instead of having the fries on the side we could stuff them onto the sandwiches. Saves time right?! ;) Also, I threw on some mayo and tomato for good measure. Well, this is by far the best pulled pork sandwich I have ever tasted and is 110% better than my first attempt because there are so many new flavors that it just absolutely does not compare!

Also please note that a lot of the ingredients are "as needed" which is because we tend to do a lot of leftovers. I am not sure how many sandwiches this recipe yields; it depends on the size of the pork tenderloin you get. Ours are pretty small since it's just the two of us so we don't use the entire bottles of BBQ or root beer.

All-In-One Pulled Pork Sandwiches
Adapted from: Kelly's Kitch Original

2-4lb pork tenderloin (if it has a bone you can cut out before or after cooking, after is easiest)
2 liters root beer, as needed
1 bottle BBQ sauce, as needed
tomato slices, as needed
hamburger buns, as needed
mayonnaise, to taste
frozen, seasoned french fries (just enough to layer one cookie sheet)

Immerse the pork tenderloin in root beer and cook in crock pot on low heat for 6-8 hours. When completely cooked, remove pork and allow to cool slightly on a plate. Dump contents of the crock pot out and wipe with a paper towel (doesn't have to be perfectly clean). Shred the pork with a fork and return to empty crock pot and add enough BBQ sauce for preferred texture/taste. We probably added about 3-4 oz for a 2lb bone-in pork tenderloin. Keep crockpot on warm.

Cook frozen french fries according to package directions (usually turning halfway) and during last minute of cooking, place hamburger buns on top of fries to warm. Meanwhile, slice enough tomatoes for each sandwich. Once fries are cooked, remove from oven and make your sandwich: pulled pork, fries, tomato, mayo. Serve immediately.


  1. This is some good looking man food! Might have to try it for my husband!

  2. Yes .. definitely man food! =)

  3. This looks AMAZING! mmmm i LOVE pulled pork!

  4. It actually wasn't all that bad. I love my tomatoes and mayo though so it had all equal parts. haha.