Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wedding Cake Preservation

Earlier this week my husband and I celebrated our one-year wedding anniversary!! Well first, we celebrated by taking a cruise. It's a paper anniversary so our plane and cruise tickets were on paper. That counts, right?! Also in the name of tradition I decided to dig out our one-year-old cake top. I have to say I was pretty nervous.

We both agreed that it tasted amazing! For as long as I can remember this has been a tradition and some people do it, some don't. I have heard both sides of the story: it tasted just like it was fresh, and that it was disgusting. This one was amazing!!

I am not sure if it was the cake itself or the preservation method but I wanted to share this success with everyone. First, our cake was a buttercream cake with buttercream frosting from a local bakery called Heavenly Sweets. It is also where I got the birthday cake for my moms boyfriend. Second, I do believe that preservation is key to making this a success. This cake never was thawed, never met any liquid and it was immediately frozen the very next day it was eaten at our wedding. My mom kept it until about a month ago and we transported it (in a cooler I might add) to our house.

Upon taking the package apart, this is what I found had been done to preserve this oh-so-delicious cake.

~The cake top itself was sitting on top of a piece of cardboard (probably provided by the bakery).
~The cake top was then set inside of a large paper/cardboard box (shown above).
~The box was then wrapped in 2 layers of plastic wrap allowing no frost to get inside.

To thaw, I simply let it sit, still wrapped, out on the counter all day and we ate it around 4pm on the day of our anniversary. We got married 1 year prior at 6:00pm!

Here is a look at the beautiful cake (that I .. um .. had two pieces of). None of my friends were around so the rest went to waste. I didn't want to ruin a good thing and assume it would stay in the fridge another day. No need to jinx it.

So if you are looking for a do-it-yourself cake preservation method, this one is tried and true!!

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