Monday, September 27, 2010

Goodfella's Old World Brick Oven Pizza

Once in a while I just get overwhelmed with blogging, cooking, baking and taking care of the day-to-day activities that have to get done. My husband can probably only take so much of my cooking anyways (hope not, he seems to love it). We all get those cravings. You know what I'm talking about: delicious and tasty pizza. Sorry Papa Johns, but you are not going to do it for me tonight.

Goodfella's (for short) is a wonderful pizza place really close to our home and I feel extremely blessed to have it so close. A while back I wrote another post on my other blog about Pizzology, which is another fantastic pizza place on the north side of Indianapolis. Both are amazing but I have to say that Goodfella's wins the  pizza battle, hands down. It even tastes perfect a few days later straight from my microwave! This was a perfect football Sunday lunch. Don't worry though, I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes, 6 days this week so I felt like greasy (albeit not too greasy) pizza was warranted.

The pizza is very traditional style in that the crust is a little crunchy, but still thick, and the center is very soft and thinner crust. You even get to watch them toss, knead and cook your pizza in the brick oven. It's pretty amazing. They also always give you bread and some parmesan olive oil dipping sauce that I have got to figure out the recipe for. So if you are ever in town and craving the most amazing pizza of your life, go to Goodfella's and I promise they won't let you down. Now don't forget dessert!!!

NOTE: The website has an incorrect address for the pizza place. The location in Carmel shut down (from what I've been told) and the only location here is at 96th Street & Olio Road, in Geist.

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