Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lattice Pie Crust

Pictured above is an apple pie. Directions below were made with a cran-blueberry pie.

First, start by placing the bottom pie crust into a 9-inch (or whatever size the recipe calls for), greased pie pan. Fill the pan with filling; in this case, cranberry blueberry pie (YUM).

If you feel inclined, take some of that extra pie crust and dip it right into the filling. Insert into mouth. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Next, roll out the second pie crust into at least a 12-inch round. Using a pizza cutter or this thingamajigger (yeah, it's a word ..), cut the crust into 1/2-inch sized strips. No need to measure or be precise.

Place half of the strips vertically on top of the pie spaced apart.

Fold back every other strip to the halfway point on the pie.

Place a new strip of crust onto the pie perpendicular to the strips you have just placed on there.

Fold the vertical strips back flat again Then, fold back the other vertical strips (not the ones you just did) and place another strip horizontally across the pie, being sure to space it however far apart from the previous strip that you'd like it to be.

And you guessed it, fold the vertical strips down again. Repeat this process until you get to the end of the pie and repeat for the other half of the pie.

The easiest way I remember (once you get that first horizontal piece down) is to always fold the strips that are underneath the previous strip. If that didn't make much sense, my husband will attest to the fact that I tend to give  way too much detail and information whether it be baking or directions. Psshh.


When you are finished, a little trick my mom taught me with any pie crust is to trim the excess off. Kitchen scissors work great for this.

Then, fold over the top and bottom pie crusts and pinch together with your fingers.

To make the beautiful fluted pattern on the edge, take your fingers as seen in the picture and form the edges. I don't really know how to explain that better, but you've made a pie before, right!? Well, if not, it doesn't take much to do this.

As with almost all pies, cover the crust with foil either the full baking time or at least the first half. Less browning, crunchy crust and more doughy, golden deliciousness.

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