Saturday, November 28, 2009

RAM Restaurant & Brewery

Today marks a big day in my blog's history! It's my very first restaurant review. I have been meaning to do one but never bring a camera or it's not a place worth reviewing. Tonight my husband and I went to RAM Restaurant and Brewery . It was our first time there so it is a perfect chance to review.

Brad got the BBQ Pulled Pork Bomber and it was twice the size of my burger. He really liked it .. a lot. It also had a little bit of coleslaw on the bottom of the sandwich and he really enjoyed the combo of that. This brought on conversation about how his grandmother made the best coleslaw. I personally don't usually like it so I don't make it. I promised to find and perfect a recipe from my grandmothers recipe book if he can't find his family recipe.

I got the All American Burger. I ordered it well done and I typically like it char-black .. so a little more than well done. It was medium. It was still very red inside. Also they forgot to put lettuce AND mayo on it. The guy that brought the food said this burger doesn't come with mayo normally. Check the menu for yourself online. It does. I ordered no ketchup or mustard in which they of course put on there.

We both got waffle fries that were okay. They were room temperature and a little too crunchy for me. Brad got the 71 ale on tap and it was only $3 which was great. Also, their pints are 18 ounces so you get more for your money. The beer was good and I think I could even drink a pint even though I don't typically like beer.

Because of all of the sending back of my food and mess-ups, the manager gave us a free dessert, our choice. We chose the carrot cake, which also came with a couple scoops of Edys vanilla ice cream and caramel topping. It was phenomenal.

Food: C
Drinks: A
Dessert: A
Service: B
Wait time: A (didn't have to wait at all on a Saturday night)

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